Website Redesign & Development

The Client

Uform specialises in crafting high-quality kitchen doors and accessories for an extensive market range.

The Challenge

Uform approached us with a clear vision: to create a website that offered unparalleled flexibility in content management while adhering to their strong brand identity. Key requirements included seamless integration with a marketing automation platform and a dynamic system for updating product lead times, essential for their product manufacturing processes.

The Solution


Our initial approach involved a thorough audit of Uform’s existing website and a competitive analysis. We conducted comprehensive workshops with the Uform team to gain an in-depth understanding of their specific needs and expectations.

UX (User Experience)

We developed wireframes and prototypes to map out the user journey, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. The final design strictly followed Uform’s brand guidelines, maintaining a consistent and professional look across the website.

WordPress Development

Instead of traditional templates, we built versatile ‘modules’ to enable the Uform team to effortlessly assemble new pages. This modular approach ensured non-technical staff could update the site while preserving design and brand integrity.

Marketing Automation

We integrated HubSpot for lead generation and email communications, leveraging its robust capabilities for:

  • Efficient lead capture through customised forms
  • Streamlined email marketing campaigns

Comprehensive Search

We implemented Algolia, a powerful search and discovery platform, to provide fast and intuitive search functionality on the website. This integration significantly enhanced user experience by enabling efficient content navigation and filtering.

ERP Integration

A unique integration with Uform’s e-commerce platform was established to display up-to-date lead times for each product. Our ‘lead time tool’ on the website now offers customers real-time information on product availability, syncing daily with Uform’s ERP system.

Notable Features

  • Modular content management system for easy updates
  • HubSpot integration for effective lead generation
  • Algolia-powered search for enhanced user navigation
  • Real-time ‘lead time tool’ synced with ERP for product availability

The Results

The revamped Uform website now stands as a testament to flexibility, user-friendliness, and brand consistency. The integration of advanced search capabilities and the innovative lead time tool have significantly streamlined both the customer experience and internal operations.

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