Jayne Cox is a UK-based Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Practitioner and Coach, bringing over 20 years of therapeutic expertise and a personal understanding of cPTSD and nervous system sensitivities. Her extensive research into stress, anxiety-related disorders, and burnout has led her to offer the SSP based on her own findings. With a focus on helping individuals feel safe and well, Jayne specialises in trauma, polyvagal theory, and neuroscience-informed practices, aiming to guide individuals in understanding and caring for their nervous systems.

As an early adopter of SSP in the UK, Jayne’s practice revolves around aiding individuals in transitioning from states of anxiety, fear, stress, or shutdown to a more regulated, connected, and resilient state. Her emphasis lies in supporting individuals through their journeys, empowering them to achieve a calmer and more socially connected existence by regulating their nervous systems.


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