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Client Overview

Arthur Ellis, a mental health support organisation, specialises in providing personalised 1-to-1 support sessions for individuals facing barriers in accessing conventional mental health services.

The Challenge

Arthur Ellis approached the Skweeze team with an urgent need for a new website that would serve as a central hub for information. Their primary requirements included a user-friendly backend system that facilitated easy content management, allowing seamless updates and adaptations to keep information current. Additionally, they sought a visually engaging website incorporating creative illustrations to evoke a personalised connection with their audience.

The Approach

The Skweeze team crafted a solution tailored to Arthur Ellis’s unique needs. Leveraging WordPress, a user-friendly and adaptable platform, they developed a custom theme that provided the client with complete backend content control. This empowered Arthur Ellis to effortlessly edit, update, and expand their website content, ensuring its relevance and freshness over time.

The design aspect was a focal point of the project. Skweeze’s in-house design team created a set of stunning, custom illustrations. These illustrations serve as a cornerstone of Arthur Ellis’s visual identity. The vibrant and personal feel of these illustrations resonated with the organisation’s ethos, enabling them to use these assets consistently across various media platforms.

The Results

The collaboration between Arthur Ellis and Skweeze resulted in an impactful online platform that addressed the client’s needs effectively:

User-Friendly Editing

The implementation of an easy-to-use WordPress theme empowered Arthur Ellis to manage and update their website content autonomously.

Enhanced User Experience

The website’s intuitive navigation streamlined user journeys, ensuring swift access to relevant information, thereby improving the overall user experience.

Visual Identity Establishment

The custom illustrations developed by Skweeze’s design team not only enhanced the website’s aesthetics but also laid the foundation for Arthur Ellis’s visual identity. These illustrations became versatile assets for the organization’s future marketing endeavours.


The partnership between Arthur Ellis and Skweeze highlights how tailored solutions can address specific challenges. By combining technical expertise with creative design, Skweeze enabled Arthur Ellis to establish a dynamic online presence that resonated with their audience while empowering them to maintain and evolve their platform independently.

This successful collaboration not only resulted in a functional website but also laid the groundwork for Arthur Ellis’s future endeavours in promoting mental health support services through a visually compelling and accessible online platform.

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